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We have a very simple customer care policy. We talk and listen to you. Call or email us, for all issues, questions, payments, exchanges and anything else we haven't imagined yet. 

Whatsapp - +918792139696 Call - + 91 8861183481                                       Email -

There may be times when we are talking to someone else when you call. Well, don't worry. Drop us a mail, or ping us in Instagram messaging @IZFWORLD

At the core of our customer care  is t that we are a very human company. Today's e-commerce world has become highly automated. You end up dealing with or speaking to a machine most of the time. We like to talk to folks, even if the call is not from a confirmed customer. Wondering what size would fit you ?  Wondering what happened to the shipment that did not reach you on time?  Oops, the size ordered doesn't fit you! Call or email us.

Our registered address is - 123, Adarsh Vista, Doddanakundi, Bangalore -560037