• Revamp the shirt

  • The days of wearing a plong gone. Change up your shirt's look and you'll have a fresh outfit every time! Wear it over a crop top or vest, tie the bottom in a knot, open the top bottoms, mismatch the buttons on your shirt to have it fall off-shoulder on one side, plain button-down shirt or just wear it over a crop top or vest. The possibilities are endless!

  • Oversized Graphic tee, cycling shorts & sneakers 

    Summer trends in 2022 will focus on comfort, practicality, and incorporating elements of loungewear into our everyday casual summer clothes. Cycling shorts were already popular, and with the continued popularity of athleisure wear, we don't see them going away anytime soon. So, combine it with an oversized graphic tee and a pair of white athletic sneakers to make the most of this no-nonsense apparel piece. Congratulations, you're summer-ready in no time!

  • Floral pieces 

    Nothing defines the transition from winter to spring season and finally to summers more than floral prints. Just pair them right with monochromatic pieces.

    For an ultra-feminine style, pair an abstract floral printed blouse with leather culottes and cool ankle boots, or pair an abstract floral printed blouse with leather culottes and cool ankle boots for a more high-fashion appeal.

  • Kimonos & Shrugs 

    Layering is key, as previously stated. Floral, pastels, dark, contrasting, short, long, ruffles, cut sleeves, and a variety of other styles are available. All you have to do now is choose.

    Kimonos are easier to wear than we all think:

    - Kimono with jeans 

    - Kimono with dress 

    - kimono with trousers 

  • Oversized 

    The tighter your clothes are, the hotter you will feel, therefore choose bigger clothing. They offer you a fresh eccentric look while also keeping you cool. Choose a gorgeous graphic top and tie it around your waist to see the magic! We believe that large shirts are the most flattering. Blouses, shirts, sweaters, bomber jackets, and cardigans are all good choices. It all boils down to balancing proportions when it comes to wearing big clothing. Fitted bottoms like elegant pencil skirts, super thin jeans, slender trousers, and leggings help to balance off the large look. A pair of heels adds a touch of femininity to every outfit.